My new (custom built) PC: TheCube!

Ladies and folks! Finally the great moment arrived. After months of following Youtube channels, reading builds on and daydreaming about it, the build materialized.

Basically, I decided to pull the trigger and get the build below [1]. Let me tell you off the bat that I payed around a 10-15% more for the parts (luxury tax of living in Switzerland).

Anyway, I could not be happier! Despite the difficulty in using a very small miniITX case, and it being my first build, everything ended up going smoothly. Heck, I’m even writing this post from the damn thing!!

My long lived 2013 13” Macbook Air went to my sister. Never really adapted to the Apple ecosystem, but it served well during my late university stage. Hope she will make great use of it.

[1] PCPartPicker part list


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